Swaps, swaps, and more swaps………

Things have been a bit slow around here these last few months. Well, slow for crafting at any rate. My husband was transferred to a different office, which meant a new schedule to get used to. Both kids have gone back to school. That shouldn’t be too different, right? Well, my baby started kindergarten. So for the first time ever, I’ve got TWO in school. My brain has been spinning just trying to keep all of the papers straight, remembering which forms have to go back to which teacher, and trying to allow them both ample time to tell me about their days. The kindergartener comes home every day bursting with excitement over the new things she’s learning. Her brother is a bit more relaxed, and I usually get his stories at bed time. Plus I’ve got a new supervisor at work, and I’ve been trying to get used to new ways of doing things. Crafting has been the least of my worries!  The itch to create has been there, just not the time. Or the inspiration. The few times I have sat down with supplies in hand, I’ve drawn a blank. So, I just gave up trying. I figured when the Muse decides to visit me again, I’ll go with it, but until then, I’d just focus on everything else. 

Then I found a group of lovely ladies who started a Facebook group designated simply to learning new techniques and doing several swaps per month. The moderators post a theme, and you can sign up for the ones you’re interested in and ignore the rest. Completely open ended, no rules beyond the due date, and the cards must be completely hand made. 

So, without further ado, here are my swap cards. I’ll find out next week who my swap partners are and will receive their creations by the end of the month. 😊

Theme: Christmas card

Theme: a fish card

Theme: a balloon card

Theme: christmas tags

Theme: apple card

Have a great weekend friends! I’m going back to the crafting table now!



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