Happy Father’s Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Sunday! We’ve spent the day visiting our dads and did our weekly grocery run. Fun stuff. We got lucky and my dad offered to watch kids for us for the afternoon when we stopped by there. So, home to put groceries away and a kid-free lunch. Then we vegged out on the couch to marathon some old episodes of Supernatural. All in all, a great afternoon! And I found a little time to squeeze in a little card making. 😁

Following with my theme for the end of the month, I went with the Swirly Bird set. On this Father’s Day I was thinking about my grandpa. One of the most amazing men on earth. A man I still miss daily, even after several years of him being gone.

This picture was more than 5 years ago. It just happened to still be saved on my phone. That’s my Pop with my now 8yo son. One of the best pictures ever. 

Here’s my dad, with the same little boy, taken last month at my daughter’s preschool graduation:

And the above is my dad, with me & my family. 

And finally: 

My oldest, Austin, with his sweet boy Aidan. 

 That led me to think about some of my loved ones who are without their dads on this day. I started thinking about my dad’s first cousin, Terry. A self-professed Daddy’s Girl. She’s got grown kids, and two beautiful granddaughters, but I know she still misses her dad horribly. She is also a self-professed Disney addict. So, today’s card is for her. A little Disney happiness to hopefully put a smile on her face. 

So, this one is for Terry. ❤️

Happy Father’s Day and happy stamping!



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